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We are pleased with your inquiry about Green Gardens, Inc., and our gardening services. Robert Frost started the business in 1964, maintaining lawns and gardens with an emphasis on quality. High quality maintenance remains a priority to this day. Through the years we have grown into a versatile and respected landscape design/build firm. We continue to offer first class services stressing the quality of these three factors: the gardening practices we employ; the materials we use; the clients we serve.

Our strong supervisory staff is an integral part of every job. Our employees are well trained in basic gardening habits, the normal needs of plants such as pruning, watering and fertilizing, as well as the recognition of problems arising from seasonal conditions, pests or plant diseases. Most important, our workers understand the attention to detail our clients expect.

The use of quality materials is an important factor in the value of a lawn and garden. From the trees and flowers to grass seed and mulch, we take time to find the best quality at the best price. Whenever possible, we try to pass the savings on to our clients, but we will not compromise on quality.

The most important factor in our three-step approach to quality is our customers, some of whom we've served for more than twenty five years, in many cases continuing the tradition with their children. Our desire to meet their needs has developed in the Green Gardens' staff a high degree of professionalism, responsiveness and discretion. The effectiveness of our approach has been proven by the fact that our only advertising is by word of mouth.

Our goal is to provide a source of pleasure and pride for our clients and to increase the life and value of their landscaping. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

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